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The Challenges and Open Exhibition

Submission form deadline for entries: 30th June

Work must be with us for hanging by: 2-4pm on 12th July (!)

Guidelines and rules for the Challenges and Open Exhibition
Sizes, topics, deadlines, and hanging fees
Challenges info v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [274.9 KB]
Entry form for individual and group challenges, and open exhibition
Please send it to us by June 30th for your entries to be accepted!
Challenges entry form v2.docx
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We will be having a Gallery Exhibition and we at Essex Guild would like to offer everyone the opportunity to take part in an individual and/or group Challenge. The main aim is of course to have fun making something beautiful, and to share it at the Festival in the Exhibition; but there will also be judges, a Gallery Viewing reception on Saturday, and some prizes.


Group Challenge- area Chapters /Groups

At Essex we are lucky in having space to work together, but we know each group is different, so this challenge can be a group one combined into a single piece in whatever way works for your local group. And if you are GOSP members but not in a local Chapter and want to enter together, that’s fine too!


Theme: Beside the Sea

Format: The single piece of combined work must involve silk painting and be able to be hung on a wall or stand close against a wall. The maximum size is A0 (portrait)- that is, 841mm wide (33.1 in) by 1189mm tall (46.8 in) by 200mm deep (8 in). Any work linked to the theme is suitable.


Mounted work, banners/quilts/hangings, with hanging rods/loops, or freestanding self-supporting works are all acceptable for the Group Challenge, but please observe the depth due the narrow Gallery space we will be using! PLEASE NOTE glass or heavy frames is not acceptable. If special hanging equipment is needed please provide this with the work.


UPDATE for Group Challenge

We have realised that depending on the type of art, a frame or support(s) it may be necessary to display these at eye-height. Therefore we will allow supports in addition to the size of the piece of work (A0 portrait sized by no more than 20cm/8 inches deep) PROVIDED the supports are no more than an extra 10cm (4 ins) wide at each side and 20cm (8 ins) deep also from the wall.


The reason for the size restriction is that this Challenge is being displayed in a narrow corridor of space and we must make sure there are no trip hazards and plenty of access for everyone, including evacuation in case of fire! Plus of course being able to see the work well enough to enjoy it.


Please make your support as simple, flat and small as possible, as we will have limited space and womanpower to both store and assemble other people’s work!



Individual Challenge- Postcards

We wanted to reflect our theme and location in this challenge, which is open to any GOSP member. And to provide a bit of challenge we have chosen to go for small works. You could draw on old-fashioned seaside postcards, sea-based fine art, or anything in/on/around the sea for the theme!


Theme: Beside the Sea

Format: Up to 4 “postcards” 150mm x 100mm (6 x 4 in) mounted as a group on light board or wrapped canvas (no heavy frames or glass please!), with hanging loop(s) on the back.

The mount must be A3 landscape maximum, so 297mm tall (11.7 in) by 420mm wide (16.5 in). A small amount of depth is permissible but please try to keep them flat for wall display!



Open Exhibition

We know that members like to share their work over the past couple of years, and this Festival we will have access to a proper Gallery space with walls, plinths and tables, and even mannequins! We also plan on having some visiting tutors with interesting work to show. So we would love for you to show your work to the rest of us, and the public, during the Festival. We encourage you to enter in the open submissions- but please note we have fixed space and if demand is high we will not be able to accept everything. There will be a small hanging/curation fee per item (at the moment we expect this to be £2). There may be an opportunity to sell works, we will be able to confirm this later.



Mounts and supports for Open Exhibition

We are able to offer the option of mannequins, wall space, and potentially tables or plinths for this part of the Gallery. Please make sure you describe your piece(s) clearly including size on the entry form so we can work out if we can fit it into the Exhibition. As with other works for the Challenges, it’s best if you can bring it in person and take it away again, and anything too complicated you want us to set up for you may have to be (regretfully) declined.




Conditions- all entries

All work must be accompanied by an entry form and any fees.  Work must be sent in advance or made available in-person by 2pm on Friday 12th July 2019 so we can hang the Exhibition for the weekend Festival on the 13th-14th. All works must be removed from the Gallery by 5:30pm on Sunday 14th July 2019. If you will be submitting in advance or not attending or have other special requirements or any questions, please contact Julie & Denise on


Fees- all categories

There is no charge to enter either of the Challenge categories. There is a small charge per item for the Open Exhibition of £2 each up to a maximum of £5 for 3 items or more. This covers display costs such as hooks etc and a little admin.


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